During the building process, we take every measure to ensure your home is built to withstand the test of time. After the foundation walls are formed, we always add a layer of waterproof protection.

The protective coating we use on all of our homes is a heavy body polymer-modified asphalt coating. We spray this along the foundation walls which allows them to adjust to expansion or contraction. Over time, the elasticity of the coating will expand with the wall to prevent any moisture or water from getting in.

This waterproofing membrane we spray on goes on all exterior walls and some interior walls in the basement, stoop areas and the garage. It is applied at 60 mils and when it dries it will be ~40 mils thick. This will cover the walls all the way down to the footings and stop just short of where grade height will be. After the waterproofing is installed it will take 24-48 hours to cure, depending on the weather. The next step is back-filling the foundation walls.

When we hand over the keys, we will also provide documentation of the 10-Year product warranty on the waterproofing system. To see the process in action, check out the video below.