Amanda Mickelsen, Owner, shares insight into paint color trends for 2021

If you’re like most people in the past year, you’ve been busier than ever thinking about home improvements or what you would like in your new custom-designed home. As early as Spring 2020, we begin researching and visualizing plans for the following year’s exterior home designs. By watching shows, traveling to see what’s currently hot and trendy, reading articles, and truly listening to our clients’ dream-home wishes, we are able to forecast trends for the coming year. At Tanzanite Homes, we want to share our insights into the most popular and on-trend exterior paint colors and design trends for 2021. 

  1. Crisp Whites

White is here to stay. A versatile choice, white works well on farmhouses, modern homes and traditional styles. Whites can be tricky, but we’ll work with you to find the right shade that will work with your other exterior elements. We also love pairing whites with wood accents. A nod to today’s current trend of simplicity and minimalism, white pairs with all neutral tones, giving you a clean canvas to show off your style personality with interesting windows, door colors, landscaping, and more. 

Amanda’s Pick: Extra White by Sherwin Williams

  1. Pale Grays 

Coming up strong in 2021, pale greys can add a twist to a neighborhood that might be full of white houses, setting yours apart from the rest of the street. We love that pale grays are becoming popular as they add a great alternative to beige tones. A pale grey can also give your home a slight coastal feel that is refined and timeless. Coordinating whites or charcoals can add coordination to the overall look of your home. 

Amanda’s Pick: Zircon by Sherwin Williams 

  1. Dark Colors

Darker, metallic colors are on-trend, particularly when paired with metal accents such as bronze porch lights or patio furniture. If you’re looking to add flair with a darker home exterior color, additional trim painted a soft white can look breathtaking against the dark color of the home. This choice also pairs beautifully with natural wood tones. 

Amanda’s Pick: Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

  1. Two-Tone Homes

In 2021, you’ll begin noticing more two-tone homes as a new and exciting twist on traditional accent colors. Two-tone is more than just painting the peaks of the home a different color. We are seeing two separate sides of the home painted in different colors, or the top and bottom mixing it up. This design trend is popular in split-level and contemporary designs currently. 

  1. Rich Greens and Blues

 Rich greens and blues began to trend last year and we continue to see requests for home exteriors in this charming color palette. These jewel tones don’t just work well on midcentury modern or coastal bungalow homes, they can fit well into any exterior design. Many homeowners that are building in the popular farmhouse style make their home stand out with darker exteriors accented by white trim and elegant stonework. 

Amanda’s Picks: Naval by Sherwin Williams, Navy by Sherwin Williams, or Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams