A benefit of building a new home is improved energy efficiency compared to purchasing an older build. Sustainable building products and improved insulating materials get a new home buyer lower energy bills, resulting in immediate cost savings. The average household will spend more than $2200 annually on their energy bills. More than half of the costs are going towards heating and cooling costs alone. Depending on the extreme variability of Iowa’s winter and summer weather, that percentage could be even higher.

Today’s modern building codes require builders to have specific levels of efficiency that is much greater than older homes that have not been updated. New technology has made energy efficiency more affordable than ever before, allowing Tanzanite homes to incorporate these features into your new, energy efficient home.

But we don’t want to limit energy efficiency to just cost savings, we want you to be comfortable in your new home as well. When your house is built better, you won’t have heat zones or dreaded cold pockets. There will be no need to run your air conditioner constantly because your house is somehow still too hot. Even with a solid heating and cooling system, poor insulation and air leaks can make any home too hot or too cold.

Tanzanite Homes focuses on energy efficient elements that make your home more comfortable, more durable, and a healthier place to live. So, what makes a Tanzanite Home so energy efficient?

Andrew Stiles with KRM/Tanzanite Development walks through the benefits of an energy efficient Tanzanite home.

Tight Construction & Ducts

A well-constructed home eliminates drafts, moisture, dust, and pollen, contributing to a more comfortable home with healthier indoor air for your family. Tanzanite Homes uses the ZIP System sheathing and tape on the exterior of our homes, improving structural durability, moisture protection, and air quality. The ZIP system is quick to install and comes with a 30-year warranty.

Quality Foundation & Flooring

A good foundation for your new Tanzanite home is essential. We protect foundations with the Form-A-Drain system, allowing for proper drainage and radon reduction in your basement. Form-A-Drain is constructed from strong, rigid PVC and reduces pressure on your walls. In the garage, we use the Prosoco SingleStep system, which cures new concrete – improving the foundation of the house and preventing siloxane loss. When used outdoors or in your garage, the Prosoco Single Step system limits de-icing salt damage and increases chemical repellency. On the interior, Tanzanite uses AdvanTech Flooring. This high-quality, moisture resistant flooring system is as quiet as it is durable.

High-Performance Windows

At Tanzanite, we value beauty and efficiency. Our Windsor vinyl windows are not only stylish, but they create a tight seal, blocking out air drafts. Windsor’s Low-E glass features anti-reflective metal oxide coatings that help homes stay cool in the summer by rejecting sunlight, and warm in the winter by reflecting the heat back into your home. As an added bonus, ultraviolet light is reduced, preventing your furniture, carpet, or drapes from fading over time.

Properly Installed Insulation

Insulation prevents heat transfer in your home, while also muffling outside noise. Proper insulation can improve energy efficiency by 10-30% or more each year. Tanzanite Homes uses BIBS blow-in blanket insulation, a non-flammable, non-settling insulation that is made of recycled content. At an R-15 insulation value – one of the highest on the market, the BIBS system reduces air infiltration up to 68% compared to conventional batt insulation while providing excellent sound control for your new home.

Energy-efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

A properly sized, energy efficient heating and cooling system requires less maintenance over time, meaning you’ll get more years out of your system. Your Tanzanite home will be fitted with a Lennox High-Efficiency furnace that works hard to keep your home temperature stable. The whisper quiet Lennox furnace saves most families 40% on heating costs per year and is ENERGY STAR Qualified. When paired with an Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifier, you can breathe healthier air during the colder months. A Honeywell Programmable Thermostat will round out your heating and cooling system, allowing you to save on energy costs by using pre-programmed settings. Most families save around $180 per year using a programmable thermostat to adjust the home temperature when the family is away or sleeping.

At Tanzanite Homes, we believe in the value and efficiency you’ll get from your new home. In an energy test of one of our recent builds, the home temperature was brought up from 50 degrees to a stable 70 degrees in less than 90 minutes, staying stable for nearly 15 minutes. If you’re ready to get started building your custom home – and start saving money on your energy costs – contact us today to get started. The process is made simple with the BuilderTrend online construction platform, a mobile app that allows you to be involved in the home build and design process every step of the way.