The customer experience is our top priority at Tanzanite. To ensure we deliver the best possible product and service, our team operates as one. We stay on the same page by bringing each department together to meet regularly throughout the week. Nothing slips through the cracks as we actively focus our attention on what jobs are coming up in the pipeline, the jobs that need more attention, and everything in between.

After being in business for over 15 years, one important thing we’ve learned is: add value always. No matter how smooth things are operating, there is always room for improvement. Our team’s collaboration allows each member to communicate their wins, their struggles and makes it so we all share the same vision and ability to grow as individuals.

Teamwork is what allows us to deliver a better product for our customers. In order for our customers to have a memorable and enjoyable experience building the home of their dreams, it is of the utmost importance for us to make sure we’re doing all the work necessary to make that happen.

Learn more about our workflow, collaboration efforts, and team culture with our Sales & Marketing Lead Andrew!