At Tanzanite Homes, we are all about quality, which is why every home gets a final quality walkthrough and homeowner orientation to make sure everything is in prime condition for move-in day. 

Room by room, item by item, we cover it all. That includes going step-by-step through our warranty binder so the homeowner is crystal clear on all warranty information. We also will guide homeowners through using our Builder Trend application, in case any warranty claims are needed down the road.

We make sure all your mechanics are operating at full capacity. Fireplaces, stovetops, windows… we cover it all. One final check on door frames, trim, drywall, and insulation is conducted as well. 

Our goal is for this quality check to feel like an orientation, not a house doctor visit. We take pride in making sure your home is in top condition for your first day inside. Working proactively on prepping your home for perfection gets our new homeowners that much more excited for the day they move in.