Windows can be some of the most impactful choices in determining the feeling in a home. For example, a room filled with natural light feels more welcoming, bigger, and less confined. Natural light in a house also provides benefits in mood and perception, helps health, and improves overall well-being.

At Tanzanite Homes, we appreciate the aesthetic and health benefits that natural light provides. But windows do more than let in the light. It’s our job to ensure that your windows are doing all they can to eliminate leaks and drafts, save you money, and make your home as comfortable in June as it is in January.

Saving Green

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient windows can help homeowners save 25-30% on residential heating and cooling costs. These savings can amount to hundreds of dollars a year. Windsor Windows are installed in all Tanzanite custom homes. Chosen for their durability, strength, and style, they are available in a variety of customized styles and finishes. They look good while helping to keep your home temperature and bills down. In addition, Windsor ENERGY STAR® certified windows dramatically improve heat gain and loss through windows, resulting in savings of wear and tear on your heating or cooling unit and for your wallet. This is particularly true for a Midwestern home that sees lots of temperature fluctuations in a calendar year.

The Tanzanite Difference

However, even the most energy-efficient window is only as good as its installation. Windows that are plumb, level, and square are just the beginning. To ensure energy efficiency and comfort, we make sure our windows are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring that all warranties remain intact. In addition, we use advanced acrylic-based flashing tape around the window frame to prevents air and water infiltration and spray foam insulation around the perimeter of the windows to ensure a tight seal. The moisture and air-tight seal ensure that your windows meet the energy efficiency standard and help you feel comfortable at home, no matter the temperature outside.

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