The Time is Now – To Build A Custom Home

Did you know that in 2021, more homes were sold in Iowa, than any other year? Last year’s housing market set records not only in Iowa but across the United States. Homes were in high demand but with low supply, and 2022 shows no signs of slowing down. Why Build instead of Buy? Building a… Read more »

Get Improved Energy Efficiency with a New Home

A benefit of building a new home is improved energy efficiency compared to purchasing an older build. Sustainable building products and improved insulating materials get a new home buyer lower energy bills, resulting in immediate cost savings. The average household will spend more than $2200 annually on their energy bills. More than half of the… Read more »

Zip System

Welcome to the next installment of a video series where we tell you about the products and processes we use to build our quality homes.​ Since we started building houses in 2004, we’ve been using high performance house wrap on all of our homes. In 2019, we made the switch to Zip System. Using quality… Read more »


Welcome to the first installment of a video series to teach you what products and processes we use to build our quality homes.​ This video will tell you about the Form-A-Drain system we use when building a new home and show you how it ties into the foundation of the home.